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Welcome to WireCages.Org, BoBaily site for Animal Cages.

BoBaily Wire Cage Factory as a professional manufacturer of wire fabricated cages located in China, offers pet cages, dog cages, bird cages, rabbit enclosures, small and large animal cages and animal live traps. BoBaily also supply wire cages and containers for various industrial uses including warehouse cages, storage cages, security cages, show cages and display shelving products.

These products are made through bending and welding of stainless steel or carbon steel wire. Available in collapsible forms. Suitable for catching and transporting of small animals, for pet controlling and feeding…

BBL Products

According to sizes, wire cages can be divided into small, medium or large cages. Finishes for wire materials can be chrome plating, nickel plating, hot dipped zinc plated, powder coated and stainless steel. Suitable for indoor and outdoor uses. BBL wire cages have movable door with reduced escape of animals and foldable design easy for transport. All our animal cages have good permeability for uses under long time transport and hot conditions.

Learn more about our wire cages for animals and industrial uses.

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  For China manufacturer and exporter of full range of wire cages:
BoBaily Wire Cage Factory
Add: No. 31, Xicheng, Dezhou, China
Email: sales@wirecages.org
URL: https://www.wirecages.org
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